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    Our owner has worked in the construction business for decades and knows how to give you everything you're looking for.
    We provide quality flooring specialists, and reliable roof maintenance service alongside our top-notch renovation services.
    When you're ready to begin your home remodeling project, we are here to help. Call today!
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It’s easy to overlook your flooring, but it plays a big role in defining a room’s look and feel. Everything from ease of cleaning to aesthetic must be considered. You might value vinyl installation in your kitchen, where there are more risks of spills and splashes, while you entry way may benefit more from our wood floor installation service. Whatever you need, our flooring and tile contractors take care of installation for you. For us, excellent service also includes helping you understand your floors’ needs so that you can clean them effectively and help them to last.


Home painting poses all kinds of challenges. Different materials like wood or dry wall affect paint texture, and if colors are different for ceilings and walls, you won’t want one dripping into the other while you’re working. It’s best to hire a professional painter to take care of adding a fresh coat or color to your home. At Kepa Construction Solutions, Inc, we only hire the best paint contractors in the business to provide superior painting services to ensure your finished coat lasts and maintains its vibrancy for years to come. Our dry wall contractors can help you repair your kitchen drywall first, if it needs it, and we also offer commercial drywall services in Orlando, FL.

Roof Maintenance

Regular roof maintenance is necessary to ensure your roof is in good condition. It’s better to catch leaks and holes before the next storm comes and causes damage to your ceiling or furnishings. Left alone, damage can have a major impact on the overall structure of your roof. Fortunately, Kepa Construction Solutions, Inc can take care of exterior repairs and your roof for you. We are a do-it-all contractor. From home restoration to siding installation, we strive to deliver high-quality workmanship at competitive prices. When it comes to your roof and home, we can handle any job you put in front of us.

Topnotch Home Flooring and Roofing


From vinyl to tiles, we’ll build the flooring you want.


A fresh coat of paint makes all the difference.

Roof Maintenance

Cleaning and repairs are our specialty.

At Kepa Construction Solutions, Inc, we provide quality flooring, roof maintenance, and topnotch renovation services. Over more than twenty years, we have been honing our craft by providing the highest quality services to Orlando, FL, and the surrounding area.

From siding installation to home painting, Kepa Construction Solutions, Inc takes pride in providing the highest quality of service, because you deserve and expect nothing less when you call a company with our reputation. We’ve worked our way up from the bottom, so we know just what it’s like to look at a project before you start. We remove the intimidation from remodeling with expert service.

When you’re ready to begin a home remodeling project, or just need a flooring company to renovate your interior, Kepa Construction Solutions, Inc is here to help. Our expert specialists will get the job done right, and make things easy for you by finishing the job from start to end. That means no mess, no trouble, and no regrets. Give us a call today.

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